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Our massage training institute and clinic offers expert training in REMEDIAL MASSAGE, ADVANCED REMEDIAL MASSAGE, and SPORTS THERAPY.  Also, available are various Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses and Seminars for qualified therapists.








A further study of physiology, anatomy and pathology of common neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions. Advanced examination procedures Advanced massage and mobilising techniques which are explained and demonstrated by your tutors Recommended reading and research This course consists of 10 weekends spread over the year The programme includes.

  1. Advanced Remedial Patient examinations, reflex testing, BP, contraindications, safety tests, Lumbar spine, examination and treatment of lumbar spine lesions
  2. Muscle energy techniques and Neuro-muscular techniques, The Pelvis
  3. The foot and ankle
  4. The knee joint
  5. Hip and sacrum
  6. Thoracic vertebrae, ribs, diaphragm
  7. The Shoulder, Wrist and elbow
  8. The sacrum, abdominal and more myofascial techniques
  9. Mock exams and revision, Introduction to other techniques such as ultrasound, dry needling
  10. Exam Weekend

Each of the days are available as a one day workshop.

 Starting April 2019
The theoretical part of the course is directly provided by the Northern Institute. This consists of 4 units
  1. Introduction to advanced patient examinations: patients in acute pain and examples of painful symptoms; joint examinations; examples of patient treatment notes; areas of law affecting complementary therapists.
  2. Continuation of pain including psychological aspects, referred pain, healing, sleep, massage and their relationship to pain. Tendons and ligaments are addressed here in a separate document.
  3. Primary and secondary pathologies, arthritis the types, causes, symptoms, Groin injury and hip issues
  4. Ageing and degeneration of the spine; origins of back pain, disc problems, treating back and sacro-iliac joint pain, effects of spinal misalignment

Practical course dates:

13th & 14th April

11th & 12th May

8th & 9th June

19th,20th &21st July

17th &18th August

13th,14th & 15th September

12th & 13th October

Mock exam and final exam dates to be confirmed





1 Day course for existing therapists to learn how to find and treat trigger points. A very effective technique that can "unlock" spasms in muscles.
Course Fee £70
Back To Basics-refresher course for those who need a wee refresher or who simply want to brush up their technique
January 2019
K-Taping February 2019
Sports taping
  1. Course Introduction
  2. Towel technique
  3. Leg massage
  4. Anatomy and practice
  5. Neck & shoulder, Arm & hand Revision of leg massage
  6. Back & Abdominal massage
  7. Foot & ankle massage
  8. Full body routine

Course Fees £300

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